The #challenges of #implementing #ProjectedEHR

I would like to describe our office of 8 physicians and suggest, this may be a microcosmic representation of a the landscape in the small office setting across rural America.  In our office being in Montana, we all do our own thing, which may not be the best for efficiency, but it keeps us together.

We have one pediatrician, 3 internists, and 4 family practice docs.  Two are on paper charts, and one of these will be transitioning to Amazing Charts, one e-clinical, and 5 Amazing Charts.

At the point of contact with the patient in the exam room, one uses touch screen desktops, one a Chromebook and a touch screen desktop, two use an I-pad, three no device, and one the Chromebook/TV combination (me).

I have not pushed hard on any of my partners, regarding this newfangled system, because physicians are a bit like cats, and are difficult to herd, bare their claws, teeth and hiss if improperly dealt with.

However, despite a few subtle hints one of my partners has adopted a modified method of hooking a 24 inch TV with a VGA cord to his touch screen desktop and wall mounted the TV.

So I have three partners currently not using a device at the point of contact and will likely not change.  So I figure 2/5 adoption rate from the docs that have an electronic device at the point of contact with the patient ain’t too shabby.

Now with a 40% adoption rate in our office if a similar result, could be obtained from the current 8500 Amazing Charts users scattered across this great country, 3,400 users may benefit from this new application of affordable technology.

I hope my partner that uses e-clinical is willing to try, as it would be interesting to see how another EHR projects to the patient on the large screen.

So the challenges are many, but I think and hope this approach will sell itself, because it does make sense.



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