2 months alive in #twitter world with pet #ProjectedEHR

I still am not sure what motivated me to try, I have never done Facebook, not much into emailing, but have been a bit active on my EHR user board since the end of 2011.  Then when the Chromebook/TV application started to take shape, I tried my first You Tube video to help visualize the concept.

About 2 months ago, I was looking at the 4 icons in the lower right corner of my EHR website, and thought, well I do not want to do Facebook, I am involved with the User Board and You Tube, why not try to see what this little bird can do.

My initial or preconceived idea has not panned out at all, a much richer, expansive, thought provoking experience than I ever dreamed.

I had no idea someone like Marilyn Mann would even consider following me, talk about being surprised and honored!

I have been learning as I go, and have played around with integrating scenes of Montana, mostly from my deck, because it is easy, and can get changes quite easily with the well known occurrence of having all 4 seasons in one day any time of year.

One of the AC user board members suggested I try my hand at writing, and I think more to get me the heck off the user board than out of kindness, so I have tried a bit of blogging or rather butchering and bludgeoning, the language and my audience respectively.

But I think the culmination of this path for me is to take the anger, frustration, futile sense of day to day practice as an internist, and transform what my patients give back to me, which is indescribable.  As stated before, I found myself in Medical School without a real compulsion initially, but have grown into this Profession, and truly love what I do, and would like to share freely with anyone that may benefit from some of the lessons learned along the way.

Even though I haven’t mentioned every follower, I am truly honored and humbled that you are willing to listen and at least think about when I thrash you with my impeccable grammar skills.


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