Labor Day Weekend hike to Headquarters Pass, Work & Life Balance

8344Hiking up and over Headquarters Pass in the Bob Marshall Wilderness this Labor Day weekend, was a lot of fun. The kids are growing up too quickly and by taking a pause from work and cherishing our time together, we decided to go on a hike none of us had done before. I have six videos uploaded to you tube, selfishly saved here for posterity, that captures moments in time from our seven mile hike, climbing 2141 feet in elevation. The pass is at 7743 feet, flanking Rocky Mountain Peak, the tallest peak in the Bob Marshall wilderness at 9392 feet. So join in on the fun and watch the videos.

One of several waterfalls, seen along the way on the way up to the pass.

Getting closer to the pass, a view out into the plains with the Sweet Grass Hills off in the distance, skirting the Canadian Border. Also a great view of Rocky Mountain Peak.

Popping up and over Headquarters Pass and into the wind. A nice view of the plains, “The Bob” and the saddle on the other side of the pass used as an access to climbing to the top of Rocky Mountain Peak. Notice the pine tree at the top, with the limbs and needles growing on the leeward side of the tree.

On our way back towards the pass, after trying to climb up the saddle towards the Rocky Mountain Peak ridge line, looking straight up the scalloped mountain face. I think there are fossils contained in the big slabs of rock. The clouds are moving quickly.

Heading back towards the trailhead, walking through a beautiful alpine basin. Making a pact to come back and climb Rocky Mountain Peak sometime in the future.

Thank you all for watching and reading and enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend !


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend hike to Headquarters Pass, Work & Life Balance

  1. Dr. Jimmy, it’s always wonderful to read your blogs and hear the commentary on your videos. I am always amazed ! Look forward to your future posts !!


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