The Dodo and the Starlings with #HCLDR & #SoMe

I was running and jumping and trying to take flight with the starlings last night making beautiful formations soaring through the pristine evening skies all in one formation then several branching off making another in conjunction with the larger group.  The sight was amazing to behold being flightless and extinct but with keen eyesight, but … More The Dodo and the Starlings with #HCLDR & #SoMe

#Gratitude in #Healthcare with #ProjectedEHR & #PatientPortal

Another Monday is rolling around, and my nurse will come in, copy and paste the incoming messages in our Updox Portal inbox.  Most she will handle, the multitude of appointments she will seamlessly schedule, by messaging back and confirming a time for later this week. The prescription refills and the more complex messages will be … More #Gratitude in #Healthcare with #ProjectedEHR & #PatientPortal


After finishing up around midnight in the harvest field, walking back from the shop area, my brother in law, son, and I were mesmerized by the clarity of the night time sky, picking out a satellite, several constellations and even a falling star. This morning, a similar clarity strikes, and an appreciation for an interconnected … More #Twitterpated

How can docs really effect change in our patients’ behavior?

This really is the essential question, it is not about meaningful use, in my humble opinion. Let me ask you, my patient, how can I motivate you to exercise and diet, and stop smoking and cutting back on the caffeine a bit?  How can I get inside your head to break habit? If I do … More How can docs really effect change in our patients’ behavior?