Benchmark Campground & Patrol Mountain Lookout Hike #WorkLifeBalance

We had a fantastic time and got to meet the infamous Sam, who mans the Forest Service Lookout. A strenuous 6 mile hike up to the lookout, fording Straight Creek at about 3 miles, up through the Honeymoon Basin, switchbacks to the top.
We spent the night before at Benchmark campground and have a series of eleven short videos uploaded to you tube so you can follow along and enjoy the fun.

At the very top, we were graciously treated by Sam, got a tour of her Mountain Top abode and learned about the beautiful scenery of the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness area.

The next morning after a restful sleep in the camper van at Benchmark Campground, had a great breakfast and warmed up by the fire.

A view from the Trailhead of Patrol Mountain Look Out hike, a six mile hike up to the top, the first three miles we follow Straight Creek, until we ford and start our way up.

Following Straight Creek, before fording, and a quick look at the peak of Patrol Mountain, where the Forest Service Look Out is located.

Fording Straight Creek, cold water on the feet very soothing before the switchbacks up the mountain, about half way there.

Welcome to Honeymoon Basin meadow, full of Indian Paintbrush.  A great place to tent camp, if so inclined.  Soon to start the final switchbacks to the ridge near the top.

First view of the Patrol Mountain Lookout, almost there, slowly making our way up, but well worth the time and effort.

Up and over the ridge to see the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness areas.  A bit breathless, but the lookout getting closer with each step.

Almost to the top, and a quick but great view of one of my favorite peaks, Sugar Loaf. It looks a bit like an Easter Island upward looking face.  Also, a look back to see where we have been.

On top of Patrol Mountain, and inside the lookout getting the tour from Sam.  In my opinion one of the best rooms with a view.

Getting a tour of the Wilderness area.  Sam is a fantastic teacher.

My legs are weary, but my soul has been re-energized.  We met some great folks along our journey, and learning all about Sam’s point of view, well worth the twelve mile hike.  Thanks for watching and reading another in a series of Work and Life balance.



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