Work and Life Balance, Mount Wright Day Hike

In lieu of taking a week or two vacation, my wife and nurse ganged up and decided Fridays off through the summer would be a good idea. We are located in a region of the country where short mini-vacations work very well.


We had a great day hike along the Bob Marshall Rocky Mountain Front that was invigorating, and very much needed. The drive from Great Falls to the trail head is just under two hours, so we were able to get started early. The hike is strenuous, about 4 miles to the top, a 3200 feet elevation gain, so it tried all of us, especially having our 13 year old daughter set a very brisk pace.


Below I you tubed seven short videos of our hike up, and took a multitude of photographs, which I hope convey the magnitude and solitude of this beautiful wilderness area.


We spent nearly 5 hours up and back, and did not meet any other on the trail, other than a friendly yellow bellied marmot and chipmunk.


I had hiked Mount Wright several times in the past but had not seen the area since the fire in 2007, so was surprised by the starkness and all of the beautiful wild flowers. The first video shows the fire damage and the resultant green undergrowth.

We had a lot of fun, not without some discomfort.   As my daughter said on the way up, “it ain’t hiking if your feet aren’t sore,  your legs aren’t hurting and your muscles aren’t screaming.”  Spending the time together was well worth it.  Thanks for reading and watching.


4 thoughts on “Work and Life Balance, Mount Wright Day Hike

  1. Hey Jim, Dennis here. I “rediscovered” your blog thanks to a tweet from Natrice. I showed my wife your videos this morning and will now share your blog. I told her you are a true Renaissance Man!


    1. Dennis,
      Thank you very much & tell your wife hello from a transplanted Hoosier/West Virginian. I am glad you enjoyed the recent blog, it was great fun putting that together and making memories with the family.


  2. These are just stunning! Thank you so much! I shared them to Facebook for their beauty and the motivation to get outdoors.


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