Paradoxically the technology takes us back to the patient

20151005_145938 (1)Walking into the examination room, picking up the cues of worry in the body language, and listening. Examining and then figuring out the approach of care is art as much science. But most, if not all of this, can be done without even looking at a computer screen, but paradoxically the technology takes us back to the patient.
It is at this juncture, together, total focus can be on the visual patient record emanating from a large screen, to take us back to the patient.  Xrays ER visits, hospital summaries, previous visits, laboratory results; telemedicine at the point of care. I am of the opinion for telemedicine from afar to be effective, it must not only be functional but also useful at the point of care. Who better to organize, manage, and make sense of all personal medical data than your primary care physician and nurse? Outfitted with the most current technological applications to focus on the individual care in her own medical community.
Who will be answering you secure portal messages . scheduling your colonoscopy, squeezing you in for a sick visit or getting your results of the mammogram to you before you get home from the radiology department? It will be your obsessive compulsive good nurse to reduce worry by being organized, efficient to have all of your records up to date at your visit and getting things done to meet your needs.


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