Playing with #Periscope & #Blab

Screenshot_2015-11-06-20-54-49Thank you Dr. Brian Stork for asking me to write a bit about my experience with Periscope. It is free, easy to upload from the play store on my Galaxy S 6 Samsung. Once the application is open, click on the icon near the top with the group of three eggheads on shoulders, then tap on the icon egghead in a circle on top right. Click on the pencil in far upper right corner and type in something clever of how you envision using Periscope, tap check to save. Next go to settings, and make sure Autosave Broadcast is on if you want to save video to your phone, to transfer to you tube for later viewing. The video disappears after twenty four hours otherwise. There is also Katch that can autosave each broadcast too for long term viewing. The notification sound can be turned on with vibration, vibration only or silent.

You are ready to scope, but I suggest going to the help center under settings and find the numerous articles on The Basics, Managing your account, Broadcasting, and Watching Broadcasts.

I watched quite a few broadcasts and practiced giving hearts by tapping the screen and sending messages before broadcasting.

Once I started broadcasting I used the camera on the far side of the phone and avoided selfies, and concentrated on describing Montana scenery and the wheat harvest.    Rule of thumb when broadcasting, be professional and share how you would if published on the front of your local newspaper.

Once I got more comfortable, I broadcasted  from the office sharing some creative ways of using the EHR,  I call #ProjectedEHR.  Hoping to get the message out to others of great ways to turn the office visit into a very educational interactive event with the computer helping instead of hindering.
One of my Periscope & Twitter buddies, Dr. David Grayson from New Zealand asked if I would interview a patient via periscope and field his questions about #ProjectedEHR approach, and it turned out to be one of the better scopes thus far.

I then decided to turn the camera on myself and fielded questions after a tweetchat from some great minds in the IT World, Dr Chuck Webster, John Lynn, Ryan Lucas, and others, about the use of technology in the office setting.

Periscope is a great addition to twitter. Twitter is my home base with all of my blogs, paintings, photos of Montana scenery and now a repository of the Periscoped videos saved to you tube easily accessible under my link.  Periscope is a great way to interact in the moment to share a bit of your world, both professional and personal.

Which leads to Blab, which is a bit like periscope on steroids, multiplied by four and better than Google Hangouts because of the interactive right hand bar of comments and questions flowing through during the four person live stream conversation.   There are plenty of folks to exchange ideas with by changing out guests in the audiovisual seats from right column of texting guests. The Blab profile page can easily be added to your twitter site or easily found as a stand alone profile page. But more on Blab in the future. Here is a link to one of my first hosted Blabs with Dr. Robin McGee and Dr. Chuck Webster.

Thanks again Dr Stork and I am so thankful Natrice connected us on Periscope at the MedX conference that I got beamed into 1200 plus miles away.


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