Catching a butterfly in the wind #ProjectedEHR

20141203_052813Catching a butterfly in the wind with your bare hands can be done, but not without destroying the beauty of the poor creature. However, if the wind slows, one might be lucky enough for just a moment if the butterfly rests on an outstretched palm.
I have been given a rare opportunity to experience a similar phenomenon in the office, but I am afraid describing will not do the matter justice, but I will try none the less.
The physician and patient during the office visit, if given proper time and the right tools can spend quality time and focus on the concerns at hand. But with the electronic record a fundamental shift in how we think of the patient chart has to occur. The electronic record has to be shared visually and educationally. This requires the physician to think and act just a bit differently. Truly listening and responding not only with voice and thought, but also magnified with visual proof in discussing solutions. The addition of a visual aid such as a large screen loaded with the patients’ own information is a compelling component of care. A simple solution to the disconnect of the electronic record in the office visit, may just be the addition of a large screen at the point of care.


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