New HP Chromebook

The 14 inch screened HP Chromebook has been my go to device at the point of care in the examination room for the past 18 months. I recently upgraded to a brand new one with a matte screen and much improved touch pad. The keys are white instead of black, a bit easier to see. It takes about 3-4 seconds to power on and 2 seconds to power off. Switching out my old for the new Chromebook was easy. I signed on to my gmail account and the two step authentication process started with a six numeral verification code texted to my phone. I then entered this code followed by my password and instantly was able to start using the new little workhorse with all of my current settings.

There are several reasons I prefer the Chromebook as my interface device with patients. It is affordable, durable and very easy to maintain. Also, it has an HDMI port, long lasting battery and the VNC viewer for Google Chrome, Enterprise version with encryption, allows me to securely connect to my dual monitored microsoft OS computer in my office.
The Chromebook set up this way, is as if I am taking my dual monitored desktop computer into each exam room. Furthermore, when attached via an HDMI cord to a large screen wall mounted in each exam room, my patient can see every thing I see on their EHR, MRI report or X-ray image. We can Google information together or go to Up To Date.
I realize medicine is an art as much as science, but integrating the Chromebook with each patient encounter has added a dimension, both visual and interactive, that has been very useful on a daily basis.
So the matte screen, which is easier to see and less reflective, and much improved touch pad, may not seem like much when described. However, when used multiple times on a daily basis becomes very much realized and appreciated.


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