One page, One point of access, One patient

20140621_181856After a recent discussion with Dr. Dirk Stanley and Dr. Steve Daviss about #Speakflower, a seed of thought was planted that has germinated since. I have taken for granted and not thought about the exceptional design of the EHR I use. I am not a salesman nor do I benefit financially for this observation, but what I would like to convey is very important.
In order for #ProjectedEHR to be successful, there has to be one page with one point of access, one patient at a time.
What I have not understood until this recent conversation, is the design feature of the EHR I use has one page with only the information contained from the patient I am seeing. This page of one, has access points to multiple areas in the chart, containing only his information observing his record along with the doctor to see HL7 labs, e-faxed office notes, hospital consult notes, graphs of vitals, and medications. This complex but simple feature of the EHR is vital to ensure any information being displayed is only the patient sitting before the doctor observing only his information.
This feature of the EHR I use, I think is absolutely necessary in order for this type of an approach, #ProjectedEHR, to be successful and so sublte I almost missed it, until I had the good fortune to tweet with the above kind gentlemen.


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