Chelated to my dream #ProjectedEHR

General William Tecumseh Sherman, oils
General William Tecumseh Sherman, oils

I woke up, chelated to my dream.  In it I was reading the Memoirs of General Sherman, “I surely would rather be at the front than the rear of the battle.” Once fully awake I had to get my Memoirs, instill a bit of coffee, and find the portion I was dreaming of.
Sherman’s observations are extremely insightful, but I think being out front and most vulnerable has its advantage in the medical office as well.
“Being out front, the directing mind must be at the very head…must be seen there…and the effect of his mind and personal energy must be felt.. to secure the best results.”

However, one has to have a platform to make this possible, a means to provide data and information in a format that is easy to use, but more importantly visually simplistic to interpret.

Being vulnerable by exposing the electronic record with all of its frailties is well worth having a fantastic reserve of information to learn and move forward in time with your patient.

If one can be out front with the electronic record, relevant, timely, available but more importantly, visible, effectual, and energizing, I think is the next logical step, at least in the primary care office.

As I move forward in time, sharing the EHR in a visually cohesive understandable platform, being able to focus singularly on the patient and listen, with fewer distractions, is a preferred way of being.


Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman Volume 2 pages 897-899


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