Belching forth practical tips from the depth of the pile

One of my most enjoyable time periods for each of the two kids was the Seussian age, sitting on my lap and reading all of his stories over and over. Mack belching forth reverberated each time, and twenty two years into private practice I can relate to poor ol’ Mack.
If I had to close my doors of the office tomorrow, I would gladly do all of this over again, in a heartbeat, and living your dream rarely happens, so I am anything but bitter, but I am a bit angry.
Nothing smaller than a 14 inch screen for a mobile device of choice in the office, because most docs spend at least half of their careers with the need for bifocals.
If one can get by with the least amount of hardware and fixed hardwired internet cabled computers, the better, less to maintain and look after.
If one has the option to use a cloud based EHR, do it, less headaches, upgrades, backups are easier and accessing your EHR from outside the office is better.
Use a large screen to share your EHR at the point of care with your patient, have a large screen in each exam room and take your at least 14 inch mobile device of choice to each wall mounted screen and plug into the HDMI cord dangling from it.
Have one tech savvy nurse who likes people, a bit obsessive compulsive good, and sit her in front of a double screen computer with a lovely health CRM. Because she can and will be able to get information ranging from paper charts, old time faxes, e-faxes, secure messages, portal encrypted messages, HL7 imported data in and out of the office.
You can not only provide access for each and every patient to their own record, but if they are willing, and most are, to work with them to edit, modify, correct as you go through it together. But more importantly you both learn with this process, which seems menial and boring when described, but when performed anything but.
Okay, I feel better, and I realize nothing will come tumbling down nor is this my intent, but the pressure is a bit more tolerable.


Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss


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