Paint for Performance

Another Namibian desert scene, acrylic
Another Namibian desert scene, acrylic

Because of the reacquaintance to my old friend the paint brush, my wife has banned any more paintings from hanging on the walls at home. Therefore, the office has become quite cluttered, so I have figured a way to deal with the problem.
I have been trying to wrap my brain around the whole idea of meaningful use and pay for performance, and recently had an epiphany.
I have had several of my friends, who happen to also be my patients, request a painting of a loved one no longer here or a favorite pet.
I finally got it figured out, and will be starting my own process of job performance. If a friend, I mean patient, has enough faith and trust to come back and see me time and again, and request a painting, I will do it.
Since I have abandoned the whole meaningful use thing. and scratch my head in dismay at the pay for performance gig, the least I can do is impose a self evaluating process that I am declaring Paint for Performance.
In this way I can thank my wonderful patients for trusting me, so that I can continue to do the thing I certainly cherish.


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