A few more observations along the way

Namibian Zebras at a watering hole, acrylic
Namibian Zebras at a watering hole, acrylic

Stifling my pen with a paint brush can only last so long. Reason and passion exploding like a belch, so please excuse me.
The physician has to take the initiative to not only become the caretaker of the medical record but to enlist the one who will ensure accuracy and have the most at stake to get it right, his patient.
We owe it to our patient, if anything, to make sense out of this chaotic medical system, when just trying to figure out a hospital bill one has to incorporate a patient advocate. The least we can do is present the record at the visit in a visually cohesive and palatable manner so it makes sense.
This approach may be easily incorporated by mirroring the electronic record on a large screen at the time of the visit, and enlivened when the EHR is fed in real time with pertinent data.
Working on the electronic record together will not only result in an immediate consoling effect by reassuring the patient visual proof of an agreed upon document, but when accessed in the future, the record will make sense.
I challenge other physicians to think about mirroring their current EHR on a large screen and think of the possibilities. This may be labor intensive up front but as time ensues the patient and doctor will learn and appreciate the team effort and both parties will benefit.
I realize there is a wide variation in practice style, electronic records, and data infusion but I think this approach will open the door a bit wider to the future, an easily accessible electronic record, so the patient and doctor will benefit from its use.


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