MU, “Modern Undulgences”

20141012_132301Meaningful use is setting the stage for pay for performance.  Physicians are being held accountable for the actions of their patients.

In a narrow, laser like fashion I want to zero in on motivation.   The physician is being asked to take on the sins of his patients in order to be paid or not penalized.

Therefore, we are being asked to enter the theological realm in order to feed our families and decrease societal cost of healthcare.  Fear motivates us to become a harsh taskmaster.

Each and every patient has to be treated individually with care, wisdom and compassion, but we cannot be driven by fear.  We can best effect change in others if love, not fear, is our motivational force.

It is not the complexity of meaningful use that will be its demise, but rather physicians choosing to motivate out of love, not fear.


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