Living in a dream world, an upgrade is a downgrade

Never in my wildest dreams did I see this one coming.  I have been nearly ecstatic with the feature of HL7 direct importation of laboratory results into my EHR.  For months I have been waxing on eloquently about patient involvement with projecting laboratory results onto a large screen TV at the point of care during the office visit.  Since the end of 2011, I have three plus years of data points.  I click on a laboratory result such as the hemoglobin A1C level and in an instant an easy to understand graph, appears.  Both the patient and I can easily see and understand the drop in value means all of our combined efforts for treating their diabetes are indeed working.

Now however, with the recent upgrade done by this laboratory, this feature is now siloed off from the most current laboratory result.  I click on the hemoglobin A1C and I get one isolated data point.  Unhelpful, floating alone and meaningless, without the other results.

After multiple phone calls to the laboratory I still do not have a cogent answer or explanation for the reason.

My patients and I are trying to wrap our brains around why the laboratory company would call this an upgrade.  It is certainly a downgrade from our perspective


4 thoughts on “Living in a dream world, an upgrade is a downgrade

    1. Yes, Isabel and unfortunately the patient suffers. The ability to graph out lab results at the point of care sharing on a large screen TV is a wonderful educational approach. When combined with the patient portal sending labs several days before the visit, then putting the results in perspective over time with easy to understand graphs has been an invaluable tool. Thank you for your response.


  1. This is sad, but unfortunately far too common. Depending on the size of your EHR vendor, you may hear back this week or within the year. Although, if you don’t hear something for 6 months, you’re not likely to see a fix for the “upgrade” for another year. Sad, but true.


    1. This is not an issue with my EHR vendor but rather the primary lab I use to directly import the HL7 labs into my EHR. My understanding is the lab recently upgraded, changed code and now the newest lab results will not connect to three plus years of data points I currently have residing in my EHR in the laboratory section. My EHR vendor has been fantastic, and in fact the COO responded to my inquiry this weekend when I emailed him my concern.


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