We have “siloed” ourselves from each other

2963 (1)Gone are the days of chatting in the doctor lounge, ribbing, consoling, discussing difficult or challenging cases.

Cramped, concealed, closeted we have become.  Hospitalists, doing their hospital work, nursing home docs managing the difficult to manage, family docs stuck in their office.

The primary care doc no longer traverses the different arenas of the medical milieu of office, hospital and nursing home but has a defined role of care in the office.

And now we expect the EHR to fulfill this gap?

I am not complaining just observing and changing with the times.


2 thoughts on “We have “siloed” ourselves from each other

  1. This reminds me a doctor I know who bought season tickets to the local basketball team. His idea was that he could invite some of his medical colleagues to the game to connect with them. Sadly, he couldn’t get any of them to go with him. They didn’t seem to want to connect.


    1. Very sad. However, the doctor’s lounge has transformed to a more virtual setting, such as the EHR user board or social media arena such as twitter. In some ways better than the doctor’s lounge. But I do miss it at times


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