Tips for Caregivers, a bit more

20141224_094631I would like to elaborate a bit more on this topic and isolate the discussion to primarily how it pertains to one’s professional role.

Caring and giving despite.  This can be a recipe for disaster and leave one depleted and empty if one is continually giving to others without taking care of self.  One has to nurture mind, body, and soul and allocate time every day for this endeavor.

Caring and giving despite.  The family needs often take backseat to the professional demands, but make time and enjoy your loved ones because life is transient and unpredictable, and they need you.

Caring and giving despite. The profession with all of the regulations, diminished reimbursements, increasing overhead expenditures, can be challenging.  Find the niche that works best so you can be the doctor you want to be, patients need you.

We are living at a great time in history, make the best of what you have, and cherish every moment


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