Thank you @EDDFoundation for asking the question, “What tips do you have for caregivers?”

20141204_061132I have attached a picture with this answer to help address the question.  Sometimes words cannot express an answer.  My mother is the personification of Caregiver.  She had tragedy strike early in her first marriage, while pregnant with my sister, near term she developed pneumococcal pneumonia as did her husband.  He died before ever seeing his daughter.  Later another death in a way, was never fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse.  I never asked what she was thinking as she sat in the recliner and let me capture her moment in time many years ago, but despite she was always there for me.

Mom unfortunately passed at the age of 68 from kidney failure associated with diabetes ten years ago, but had a rare gift of being able to give beyond herself.  I have no doubt she would have been a phenomenal nurse, but instead life gave her a different direction and role.

Being a husband, father, and physician, with a multitude of responsibilities, I try to emulate my mother’s way of caring and giving despite.

I was not sure how to answer this question but Dr.Corrie Painter nudged me in the right direction with her beautifully written blog yesterday, “Raising my kids in a world of cancer is not necessarily a bad thing… I hope.”


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