Food for thought in a “Pseudo-Siloed approach”

2969 (1)Silo is a term being used quite a bit and according to the definition with a Google search, “isolate (one system, process, department, etc.,) from others,” makes sense to me.

I currently have just over 1050 patients in my practice, and according to the definition my practice is as I would describe “pseudo-siloed”.

I prefer to be “pseudo-siloed” for the following reasons.  First and foremost, my patient and I agree on the information contained and inputted to their chart, and sharing the chart visually at the visit makes this easily achievable.

Having a platform of inter-connectivity with other providers, hospitals, and the portal, I think changes the aspect of my practice into a “pseudo-siloed” approach.  Because of the ease to share the “co-generated” chart, my patients specify with whom to share.

Questions I would have for a single containing siloed platform with multiple providers and reduced ability for the patient to help input and generate the note would be many, but two come to mind.  Who decides what is in the chart and who decides on what is shared.


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