Looking forward to Monday morning

20141212_215128A great weekend battery recharged, time spent with family, painting our historied couch, and relishing Dr. Sandeep Jauhar’s book, Doctored.

As I think of the impending buzz of Monday at the office in the quiet hours of the morning several factors come to mind.  I am looking forward to the routine, coffee making and laboratory importing.  Cleaning up the portal requests in tandem with my nurse.  Grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn together, every patient who visits today.

One point I have not covered, and keeps drumming away to be expressed, is how the format of the particular EHR I use keeps me on task.  As we make our way through a very organized, legible and understandable display, by staying focused getting through the nitty gritty together, allows more time to be free with where the conversation will take us, the art of medicine I do love so.

So, another Monday filled with the unknown and known beckons, and I feel darn lucky to have the privilege of being part of all of this.


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