Thank you Marie Ennis-O’Connor, “Repetition”

20141208_172023Thank you for the invitation to your tweetchat today.  I had never made the connection before, but blogging and painting are not terribly different mediums.  I use to paint a bit over 20 years ago but life got in the way and the switch got turned off.  I have always wanted to start up again, but did not know how.

Then in June of this year I started my feeble attempt of using the written language to convey my gratitude for being able to continue being a doctor.

Somehow the writing, I think jolted the door ajar, and the painting started again.

So the angst of life over time compresses into one’s deepest crevices, and the creative outlets have been an immeasurable relief.  Painting and blogging have become my therapy and I would like to commemorate this painting from college days I called “Repetition” from Soren Kierkegaard’s 1843 book.

Thank you Marie!


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