20141120_083947So why?  When is it complete?  How do I turn it off?  Should I?  Can I?  I don’t quite understand.  But the vague ache, tug, chest cavity enveloped nudging, pushing, pulling sensation, intermittent but persistent calls.

There is nothing in it for me, I know where I am, going, will end up.  I am content, but yet this prods me, I should be sleeping, but in order to appease I must bring to the surface.

I have squelched, suppressed, mollified without success, so I give in.

Then I realize, I am on to something huge, something chased after, never captured nor ever will be, but only dreamed of. It cannot be put into words, expressed or even visualized through the arts, but yet I try, we try, and yet we must.


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