The Christmas cactus and two wine stoppers

Thank you for the wine stoppers & Christmas cactus, acrylic
Thank you for the wine stoppers & Christmas cactus, acrylic

I was nearly brought to tears twice this week.  I am not one that does this very often, but I got double walloped this week.

Out of the blue, unexpected, two unrelated circumstances. I had been chatting with the office manager, and walked back to my desk, and a brown paper sack with a beautiful Christmas cactus on the verge of blooming red peeked out.

Later this week while working at my desk, grinning my nurse walks over and hands me a bag with two hand lathed wine stoppers made from scratch,

Both events got me thinking about my own mother who passed away about a decade ago, but still seems like yesterday.  Somehow, these gifts remind me of the love a mother gives, freely, unrestrained and never ending.

I have attached a painting from another time, when my mother was still alive and grumbling at me for not making my bed.  But the gifts this week remind me of the shared bond we all have with one another.  Life is transient, and our loved ones come and go but a mother’s love can still be exhibited even when she is not here.

So on the approaching Thanksgiving week, I am truly humbled by the wonderful patients I have who spoil me a bit like my own mother, and who I hope don’t mind when I hug them back, I am able to still hug my mom.


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