Very Grateful

20141202_175009I am an internist very pleased with working in a small primary care office, doing what I love to do.   I am not trying to sell anything nor do I work for either Amazing Charts or Updox.  I do however, out of gratitude, often discuss the resultant positive effects of both the EHR and physician connectivity platform.   I have been extremely grateful for the results after implementing both in my office.  A much better than expected result.  I am also grateful for the Meaningful Use Penalty or else I would still be using paper charts. A bit like Joseph felt, a sense of understanding towards his brothers for throwing him in the pit, when looking at his life in retrospect.

I have felt a need to share insights I have learned along the way, in hopes of bringing a better understanding of running a small primary care office.  However, if I can influence just a few folks in a positive fashion with some of my ideas, it is well worth the time and effort of blogging, but selfishly, this has been very therapeutic for me.  So just skip over my name and blog if you find the information redundant and boring, and I apologize if any of the material is offensive, as this is not the intention.  Thank you all for your follows and conversations!!!


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