A whole other set of questions

“Thank you for sending my Hemoglobin A1C result in the portal, I love the portal.  I was convinced it was going to be elevated and had a whole other set of questions prepared.  But when I got my result, I was pleasantly surprised.”

This comment by one of my patients reflects the simple but well organized office may excel in providing individualized care.  Three days before the visit the laboratory result and individualized letter with one click by my nurse, sent.  I walk in to the exam room with the HgA1C graphed on my Chromebook, turn on the TV and instantaneously the every 3 months of HgA1C’s confirm her opened e mail message from the office 3 days prior.

I print up to paper the proof in black and white as tangible evidence of the hard work of exercise, dietary discretion and medication compliance.  The right end of the graph reflects a much steeper decline than either one of us expected.

However, she has had time to think of a whole other set of questions three days before the visit, because she knows the result, and has had a chance to compare to the last 3 years of data points on her home computer.

Better use of our time together, as an example just three years ago in the office, the scenario would have been entirely different.  I walk in paper chart in hand, thrust the HgA1C result into the midst of not knowing. However, the well orchestrated small office managed by an adept technological savvy nurse is a more satisfying experience for all of us.


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