Thank you Annette McKinnon

20150606_175501Thank you Annette for the mention on your blog site this week.  I follow and read your tweets every day and find your curiosity and determined approach appealing.

Your point of being a complex patient and having your list of concerns met during an office visit is challenging. I would like to address how I have been able to change my approach with integrating a few modifications in the office.

I think there is a misconception physicians are not able to understand the technology nor able to implement solutions in a small office setting that either work or are affordable.

I think solutions are available and work very well in a primary care office but have to be structured with fulfilling the needs of the patient first.

The thirty to forty five minute encounter has to be designed so the time spent is maximally effective, implement an electronic record easy to use and easy for the patient to understand.  All else flows from the specific EHR one chooses.  The next critical decision is which application will feed information in and out of the EHR, and who will manage this process.  The idea is to visually incorporate the electronic record as a teaching platform primarily and a documenting tool secondarily.

As indicated on your blog having a patient portal is beneficial for bidirectional free texting concerns and sending laboratory results several days before the visit.

Working through the record systematically visually with data exchange beforehand, can simplify the complex problems into a constructive proactive educational approach for both patient and physician.

Once again, I am sincerely honored and humbled to be mentioned in your blog, and wish you the best in your steadfast work, and thank you again.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Annette McKinnon

  1. Hi Jimmie, I’m honoured to be in your blog post. Your patients really get a lot of time from you, and you must have some of the best educated patients around. Working with them sounds so effective.

    I’d guess I spend the same amount at time at my doctor’s office, but mostly I sit and wait in an empty room


    1. Thank you Annette, & I had a patient today that might agree with you, but I try to stay close to being on time, but tough some days. I do think a very conscientious nurse can be blamed for me staying on schedule ;). Much appreciated Annette & one of these days I would like to try the # ProjectedEHR approach out with you to see what you think. Wish you well in all you do & keep all the studies and info coming!


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