My patients #Inspire and give me #Hope because of #ProjectedEHR

Yesterday, the day before and the day before, patient after patient continue to inspire and give me hope.  I cannot keep this contained, my sleep is disrupted, my Chromebook calls and the fear sets in.

What if the EHR’s used extensively in the United States, with large amounts of money to implement in hospital settings used a similar approach as #ProjectedEHR?  The patient would see the physician work through the chart step by step, experience the process looking at an ecg, a laboratory result, a note from a consulting partner, would the process be the same as my patient experience?  I don’t know.  What I do know is my experience.

I recently had an IT specialist at a local very large computer dependent system rant and rave being on the receiving end of #ProjectedEHR.  I have been caring for him for years, and he encouraged me to blog about his experience.  He was curious as to how all this came about because he has witnessed my transition from paper hand written charting to the frustration of the implementation of electronic charting.  He has seen the process in my office evolve over time, but at his last visit he was impressed.

As always, he brought his well thought out list of concerns and as we made our way through his chart, his list of concerns was used in reverse.  Instead of reading his list of concerns to me, now as we ran through his chart step by step, he was checking off item by item.  Also, as we did this other concerns were triggered not on his list, and he was extremely appreciative of being part of this “edu-documentational” process.  He concurs, I am onto something huge with this approach.

So the fear I have, is not being able to put into writing how truly effective this works for my patients. I know this process works well with an EHR currently used by 10,000 physicians but what if it could be beneficial in nearly all EHR’s?  This I do not know.


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