He who bends and burns metal

20141116_120548Eli has gravitated towards an interest in metal working, since spending most of his two past summers helping out Grandpa, Uncle and cousins on the family dry land wheat farm.

He is learning to bend and burn through metal to help repair and create, and I dare say, not unlike the day I posted the following on the Amazing Chart User Board.  He bent and burned this idea of using the Chromebook in the office, creating and repairing a different way of utilizing the EHR.

12/29/2013 Amazing Charts User Board Entry Tech Talk section~”My 13 year old son inadvertently made me realize the Chromebook function as I have thus far envisioned has been quite narrow.
One can plug the HDMI cable into the big screen TV and mirror the Chromebook screen, and read ecg’s.
By using google file, one can store on the Chromebook or in the cloud, a slide presentation created with Google slide, which is like power point. So one can do a presentation, with or without the internet, as long as one has a projector with an HDMI port.
One of the main reasons I went with a laptop instead of desktop was limitation of space in my two exam rooms. Thinking off the cuff, one could easily mount a wall screen and if xrays, graphs or labs needed to be visualized easily, plugging into the Chromebook and mirroring could easily be done. I have not had a need for this much at all, but this feature does open up possibilities I had not thought of.
I apologize if most of this is evident to others, but just trying to catch up to the 21st century! wink

On that late December early morning I was reading ecg’s on the Chromebook, and Eli posed a question.  “Dad, why read ecg’s on the small screen when you can read on the large screen TV?”  Which then led to a whole new way of interacting with my patient, easy to implement, affordable and dynamic.

So he who bends and burns metal, may also bend and burn a new way of being.


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