Chromebook from the comforts of home

I don’t schedule patients Friday afternoons for two reasons, to give my nurse a chance to catch up, tidy up before the weekend and so I can get things done outside the office I otherwise never get to.

This Friday just about an hour before the office closed, my nurse texted that I had an unusual amount of work to wrap up before Monday.  So luckily I was home with my little workhorse.  I have expounded to no end the wonderful use of the Chromebook remote controlling my dual monitored desktop, used as a fantastic teaching tool projecting the EHR onto the TV during the patient encounter.

However, I have spent very little time describing the use of the Chromebook outside the office.   Today confirmed again the facile features when used as a thin client mimicking my desktop.  With a swipe of the touchpad negotiating easily between my left and right “screens at the office” I am able to access my EHR on the left and my efaxing/editing/portal application on the right.

I can do everything as if sitting at my office desk.  Sign off reports in the EHR inbox to be permanently filed, sign and date home health orders so nurse will fax, e-prescribe, sign off normal mammogram letter (report already sent to patient portal).

So having a $279 dollar simulated dual monitored desktop working from the comforts of home tidying up before the weekend still completely boggles my mind.  In the old paper chart days it would have meant a trip back to the office, no nurse available by the time I got there.

Now, less than the time it takes to drive in to the office, I get all of the work done remotely, my nurse has completed everything, and better yet my patients will have their needs met before the weekend.


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