Gratitude for great partners, great fellow twitterers

Our office is rather unique and a bit Montana-isque.  Our group of eight doctors are all very independent, five of us use the same EHR, another another EHR, and the remaining two paper charts.  So as I write, expound and propagate ideas that work extremely well for me, realize even in a small primary care office, our individual needs are quite differently met.

We meet monthly and discuss and exchange ideas formally, but daily informally brainstorm and work on mutually beneficial solutions as issues develop.  Our office reminds me of symbiotic rugged “plants” I have always been curiously attracted to, the lichen. There is a component in the office a bit like the alga providing carbohydrates through photosynthesis.  And another faction not unlike the fungus providing moisture and protection so the combined effect achieves durability and hardiness.

The incubation and exchange of ideas under one roof has been extremely beneficial in this time of change.  Until getting out of my paper chart phase I had been throttled and compressed for years.  Once I started exploring new ways, its as if the cork had been released and a flurry of ideas have taken shape.  My intent is to share ideas with those who hopefully can benefit.  So my approach on a microcosmic level with my partners, I hope may extend on a macrocosmic level to any interested.  I am darn happy to keep my doors open and see patients, and have great partners who make this gig more likely to stick.


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