Medication reconciliation when sharing the list of current medications on a large screen more often than not does not match the crumpled and crinkled list pulled out of my patient’s wallet.

This is my sole responsibility and no other staff, including my nurse gets involved with this process.  The Chromebook thrusting the very easy to read black and white lettered list onto the large screen is hard to ignore and  we go through line by line and make sure our lists become synchronous.  So I delete, add, change, modify under the strict guidance of my patient scrutinizing every edit. Once harmonization occurs, because of this joint effort, I produce a new list on freshly printed paper with my handy laser printer.  If requested, simultaneously the list will be electronically sent to his portal.

So what happens if he is does not know his medication list. Or recently discharged from the hospital or seen by another provider still using paper charts or a different EHR?  Then I incorporate help and often before the patient encounter is complete my nurse will have the information on a PDF file e-faxed or faxed so I can project on the large TV.

Sometimes he has to come back with his bottles of medications, but projecting this list on a large screen has been very eye opening and #ProjectedEHR has simplified and improved this process tremendously since I have incorporated the assistance of my patient in this tactile-visual-auditory approach.


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