What if……..#ProjectedEHR could be useful beyond ?

What if #ProjectedEHR could be extended beyond the limits I have exercised?  The doctor developed EHR I use is very visually palatable to the patient and very easy to use for a computer challenged doc.  Multiple surveys of physicians highly rate my EHR consistently, especially ease of use.  I think it would be interesting to see the results of a study using this EHR in two groups, one visually sharing with the patient and  the other not.  There is not a study doing this that I know of. Visually incorporating the EHR has had a phenomenally positive impact in my ability to teach at the point of care.

Also, I would be interested comparing the EHR I use versus other EHR’s mirrored to a large screen and interacting at the point of care with patients.  Does an EHR that projects well, easy to understand and simple to use by the physician make a difference?

In my humble opinion, this will be and needs to be the next area of exploration with patient engagement.  Based on my limited experience of 9 months using #ProjectedEHR in a busy office, I would not even think of doing away with the TV in each exam room anymore than I would want to be shackled or muted.


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