I am your doctor USA

I could be anywhere in the USA doing this.  I am your primary care doc, who happens to be an internist in a rural state living in the biggest city I ever lived except during residency.  So I am a bit provincial.  I don’t have a too many degrees, nor a stellar performance in high school, college, medical school or residency.

I have worked hard and have over the years developed a hankering for this profession, in fact have grown to love what I do.  I love listening to people and still after 21 years of private practice cannot believe I have been given this opportunity.  Every time the exam room door shuts and my patient opens up, reveals things he may not to anyone else, is a chance of a lifetime.

I was in turmoil in 2011 thinking this may all vanish because of the penalties imposed if I did not transition to the electronic record.  I rationalized either find an EHR that works or close up shop.  So I started reading and studying trying to figure ways of keeping my office door open because I did not want to give this profession up quite yet.

With some luck and some homework I picked one of the best EHR’s for what I do.  Which led to finding one of the best organized, efficiency laden workflow solutions.  Then starting up the patient portals and stumbling into #ProjectedEHR has been better than any of my wildest dreams of success.

Why am I so excited?  There are 10,000 of me peppered throughout the USA, and for less than the cost of a desktop can do what I am doing with #ProjectedEHR.

If I think of influencing even five or ten percent of those 10,000, and if they have similar results at the point of care as I, my mind cannot fathom this, but keeps me typing hoping for the best.


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