What do you want to see when you see your doctor?

20141030_090820What if your doctor walks into the examination room, sets his Chromebook on the wheeled stand, plugs it into an HDMI cord hooked to a TV.  Walks over shakes your hand with a warm greeting then sits down and starts typing into his computer.

He starts telling you your weight is much better, and based on the governmental definition of normal, your body mass index has moved from overweight to normal, and points to the TV.

Then he tells you how this one graph in red correlates with your blood pressures both coming down nicely because of the diet and exercise you started months ago.  Congratulating your hard work as it is obviously paying off, and points to the TV.

Then you wonder why the TV screen is black and have no idea what he is trying to convey with all the talk.

You then say, hey doc, shouldn’t you turn on the TV?

He pokes his head around the bottom of the TV and with some softly muttered expletives turns it on. But when he goes through the routine again, it becomes abundantly clear as you now have visual proof the months of getting up early working out on the elliptical and starving yourself is paying off.

As you go through your chart, his voice querying you but the typed response on the TV affirming he indeed is listening.

This is what I want to see when I see my doctor.


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