The nurse is the key to success in the primary care setting

20151005_145938 (1)Just as we have to bend our use of the EHR into a proactive visually shared experience during the office visit, so we have to change the role of the nurse to meet the needs of our patients.

The nurse who has an intimate knowledge of all the patients has to be the one in control of the schedule.  Logically, she has to be the one who manages the portal, so she can easily schedule patients requesting appointments via the portal.

Also she should be the one managing e-faxing PDF documents in and out of the EHR and scanning.  There is an application that is cloud based that marries the portal to the e-faxing function and interplays nicely with the EHR.  So one nurse on a dual monitored computer with a telephone becomes the “nerve center” of the office.

By commanding control of the intersecting technological applications in one workspace, the nurse becomes an extremely efficient employee and can easily meet the needs of a busy primary care office nearly instantaneously.  As everything she needs to function is not only accessible but very useful.

Immediacy of response, easy access of EHR, managing the portal, e-faxes and telephone transforms her into the equivalent of three staff members in the pre-EHR era, and she does a much better job.

Your nurse equipped with the the technological repertoire available today is the key to success in the primary care setting.


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