The EHR has to become visual and educational at the visit

20140813_083014We have to shift from thinking of the EHR as a platform for documenting care as the primary role.  This is a reactive, inward self preserving use.

What I am suggesting is not to do away with the documentation process, but putting it in its place, or rather emphasizing what the EHR should be used for first and foremost.

Visually educating in a proactive, interactive, informative, understandable way has to be the primary use of the EHR.  And this function has to be exercised with the patient during the office visit together.

Otherwise we continually chase our tail, and documenting care glued to the computer screen is not going to benefit your patient unless two things happen.  You include your patient and share what you are working on by mirroring your activity on a large screen.  And you share all of the easy to understand information as a fantastic teaching moment.

The documentation is done together, and no longer is reactive but proactive because the patient is not only interested but helping you get it right.  And for the right reasons, because his health and life are the focal point.

I am continually reminded how I have changed my own concept of the EHR to an educational tool as the primary function.  My patients resoundingly reaffirm this is the proper use of the EHR.


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