Two screens help in the educational process

Another patient very pleased with the two screen approach of #ProjectedEHR is a financial adviser and has implemented two screen technology at his office within the past year.  One in the main conference area over 50 inches but several smaller in the offices to be shared with clients at the appointment.

He has been in this field for over 30 years, and is impressed with his current software that can be molded and bent to his clients needs to ascertain current and future variations of their portfolios.

The visual integration has tremendously improved his ability to convey difficult to understand concepts.

After recently discussing the two screen approach, both of us controlling one screened device mirrored to a larger for education purposes, he hopes the medical field will incorporate a similar strategy on a larger scale based on his experience.

He struggled initially with the change, having to learn a new way of interacting with this approach, but in retrospect a much better way of communication has ensued.

I told him, I hope it will be sooner rather than later when this approach will be standard of care at the office visit.  I think it will be because it makes sense, but more importantly it benefits the patient.



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