20150514_214654Yesterday morning was one of those moments in time when a crystal clear truth dropped out of the sky.

And I blame Dr. Charles Webster!!!

I was a bit miffed from the previous night when he tweeted “hobbyists, garage inventors, and obsessive tinkerers…will transform healthcare”.

So I was looking for him after I got up to let my cat in, electrostatic Natrice Reese style (see a few posts back about that one).

So I found him posting a link to James Salwitz’s Round Peg Square Hole blog.  I was ready to pounce, so I lured him in ready to look for an opening to explain to him I am not one of those tinkerer types, but I think I have something to offer to transform health care.

Dr. Webster tweeted, ” wouldn’t it be cool if u & ur patient could see not just data, but actual workflow too, customized to your needs.”

And I responded, “Well they are seeing easily understandable data, HL7 graphs, editing history, meds, all, social, individualized HM,up to date embedded so learning is fine tuned, viewing e prescribing with interactions & ordering, they are the workflow”


If one can demonstrate the resultant coordinated efforts on a TV screen with the EHR teed up by your nurse fully loaded and ready at the visit.  But better yet, integrate as part of the workflow process, documenting care but more importantly teaching, the moment can be profound.

This is what gets me up at 3:30 in the morning looking to tangle with Dr. Webster, and of course let my cat in.

. you dont address any of my tweeted rejoinders

Thank you Dr. Webster for your insight, I am slowly getting there!!!


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