Why not two screens?

I recently had a conversation with a patient of mine, who suggested I share his experience of two screens.

He manages a farm implementation business with seven stores in the region with multiple employees.  Over a year ago, in just one of his stores, he initiated dual screen monitors at the customer employee interface.  On the counter top one screen faces outward towards the customer and one inward towards the employee.  The customer watches the process as the employee works on his computer during the encounter.

The customer comes in requesting a part for a piece of equipment, which can be a very intricate and complex process.  As an example, one simple request perceived by the customer in reality to the employee is a complex task of choosing between multiple variations and subtleties to pick the right one.

By engaging the customer viewing the same process as the employee, both work on choosing the correct part together during this simple but complex process.

My patient, the store manager, found improved ordering accuracy, improved customer satisfaction, and if a mistake in ordering occurred, more forgiveness on the part of the customer.  The customer visually is involved and has a better appreciation of the intricate process.

With success in one store, much to the chagrin of the employees at the other six stores he implemented the two screen interface concept.  As with any change, there was initial resistance, but now with every employee at every store utilizing the two screen technology there has been an overwhelming improvement in customer satisfaction and improved quality of service.

I think it will just be a matter of time till the medical field catches up.


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