Sparkles on a cat, a tribute to Natrice “Peace” Rese

20150609_200525 (1)In the dead of night, when everyone is sleeping except Creeper and I, magic happens.

I wake up and open the front door, greeted with a multitude of meows varying in depth and intensity informing me of all the night time activities, the chases, the near misses, the wish you could have seen this moments, as we walk back to the dissemination of treats area.  Rather, I am led back coaxed by the enticing kitty chatter.

No lights allowed, all by feel with meandering interludes of near trips as she brushes the sides of her face weaving between my ankles conversing as she leads.

I reach to the shelf and pop the lid on the treats, and more face bumping, the purring begins and as I throw a few treats into her food dish a rare thing happens because of barn cat lineage, she finally allows me to pet her and in the stillness of the night an electrical ethereal event occurs.

On her black fur the sparkles of static start and not unlike flying in a plane looking down on lightning in the clouds below, but this is momentary but cyclical and well worth the interrupted sleep to behold.

Natrice “Peace” Rese, this is not a poem but dedicated to all your hard work, and when I tweet cat, I mean tweet chat with you, a similar phenomena is palpable, and this is what the creative beast flung to me tonight and I will give if you allow, in honor of all your great work!!!!


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