Tech blip today confirms #ProjectedEHR rocks

Today is the first time in over 8 months I was hobbled.  I was unable to take my Chromebook into the exam room and hook up to the TV.

After about an hour, the IT expert got the problem figured out, but as frustrating as the experience was, it was a great time to pause and compare the approach in the exam room.

I was unable to show any graphs of pertinent useful vitals or labs. I could not show and review any past medical social or family history, meds, allergies. I was unable to look up the most current recommended health maintenance recommendations, access up to date, e-prescribe or do any electronic ordering.

I was certainly much less efficient and unable to share any of the great visual attributes of the EHR for education.

The thought struck me that before November 2011, this was my standard of interaction, and since then the stages of improvement have been slow and sometimes painful to integrate.

However, today gave me insight and appreciation for the simple but effective tools when implemented properly do indeed work, and the results are incredible, especially when you cannot access them for an hour on a busy day.


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