Robin McGee, The She Samaritan

I composed my one and only poem in my career, before I even read The Cancer Olympics.  But after getting inside Robin’s head while reading her book, I realized this poem was written for her,The She Samaritan.

Robin is the author of the book, The Cancer Olympics, that details her account of being diagnosed late with cancer and then not being able to receive the best practice chemotherapy.

As the She Samaritan, I should be running from Robin, taking four fellow docs to task in front of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Given the right circumstances and busy office I could just have easily been Doctor one through four.

But what is incredible is how Robin dealt with her circumstance, her cancer, or rather the man by the road half dead beaten by robbers.

“She saw and came to him in compassion,

Bound up & poured oil on his wounds,

Set him upon her beast,

And took him to the inn,”

Robin was able to reach out to her community using a blog “Robin’s Cancer Olympics” setting the cancer upon her “beast”.  She was able to find solace through friends.

Robin then lobbied her government so others may receive the best practice chemotherapy while fighting for her own life.  “And took him to the inn,”

I could not figure out why I hit the comma at the end instead of the period when I initially tweeted my one and only poem, but now it becomes abundantly clear in Robin’s book.

She won her efforts at lobbying so those behind her will benefit from all of her hard work combined with great community.

Robin is the She Samaritan, a manifestation of true love and compassion without any expectations in return, a model for any of us to emulate.

The Cancer Olympics is available from Amazon at



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