Thank you @MrRimp & your friend Dr. Webster!!!!

I am still finding my way in this twitter medium, but would like to pause a moment in time to thank Dr. Webster for his great insight and skill for helping me tremendously.

I don’t have his training or logical mathematical experience, and when I read through his wonderful blogs, I learn.

The other component he does so well is complement the logic with just plain fun, but the creative spirit incorporated in @MrRimp reflects this.

After writing a mini dissertation last night, I started thinking of Dr. Webster and the thought of workflow balanced with the creative spirit began to percolate.

So his two fold approach to his work has inspired me to think of the office structure in such a way, logical work flow but in addition an orchestrated presentation.

The one trusted employee, the tech savvy nurse, behind the scenes and with the appropriate technological tools, has everything ready, so when the most important person of the day arrives in the office for the appointment we are ready.

Time stands still for us as we go through the shared visualized electronic record carefully curated and managed by my trusted stagehand, so as we go through each and every element together, we both learn and spend a moment in time not possible without the necessary unseen parts to make this happen.

I am not the guy to get us there, but I have lived this glimpse of this reality multiple times, and I hope Dr. Webster and others will be able to.

Thank you Dr. Webster and @MrRimp!!!


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