#ProjectedEHR will be the standard of care at the office visit IMHO

#ProjectedEHR is nothing more than a conduit interlinking the EHR to the longstanding doctor patient relationship, but much more.

One very critical feature, the electronic record projected has to be easily navigated and useful for the doc, so as he makes his way through the chart it makes sense.

In order to survive the EHR that does not adapt to this concept will go by the way side.

The term “interoperability” needs to be defined much better and the EHR that impedes operability between the patient and his doctor is by definition not interoperable and will go by the way side.  If this key understanding is overlooked, then the patient is left as an onlooker seeing his doc playing on the computer on the other side of a chasm interoperating with all other entities except the most important one, the one sitting in the exam room screaming for his attention and care.

So this is nothing more than a cold hard truism, or a reality that is the basis for the essential frustration currently being displayed regarding the EHR, but I would much rather focus on the positive aspect of this truth.

What if the EHR is easily understood and visualized on a large screen TV at the visit, and the patient directs the doctor as they both navigate and use the chart in a meaningful way.  It is absolutely fantastic and energizes this long standing doctor patient relationship.

This is the reason #ProjectedEHR will be the standard of care.


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