KISS–Keep it simple son!!! or @techguy KISD

SImple, simple, simple. I believe in simplicity with duality.

The nurse doctor doubleness of care.  In the office setting the delivery of care is nothing more than a dance, an unspoken but graceful flow yields beauty to the spectators for which we perform, our wonderful patients.

An unwritten, unspoken natural back and forth will yield the most impressive maneuvers.  But the fundamental doctor nurse delivery of care at the core of the office workflow model is critical for success.

The communication and understanding between the dual delivery team, if pristine, will yield incredible results especially if tied with the correct technology applications for a small office setting.

Simple, simple, simple.  One shared electronic workspace on two separate computers, with one goal in mind, caring and nurturing our fantastic patients.

The two TVs in the two exam rooms, with my “simulated dual monitored desktop”  works extremely well because of the duality of care.

The graphed out vitals, HL7 imported labs, reports and past history very meaningfully projected on the large TV’s to learn together is dependent on the dance of care, and the applause is resounding hourly, daily consistently one after the other.

Simple team, simple workflow, simple technology makes dealing with a complex medical milieu simpler.


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