So again, I ask what is in it for me? #ProjectedEHR

Now that I have transgressed every one of Marie Ennis-Oconnor’s posted articles on the proper use of twitter, I want to state again for the record what drives me.

I do not want to profit, gain notoriety, push one particular EHR or workflow application as a salesman.

All I want is to naively help my profession.  Not many are talking about solutions on improving the patient doctor relationship via the EHR.  Nearly every blog, article, personal encounter, news item is demoralizing, boomeranging how the EHR gets in the way, takes up time and leaves the patient abandoned and disconnected.

My intent is narrow, and laser sharp.  All I want is to destroy that notion.  That is all.

I see the EHR as a wonderful educational tool, a great way to review one’s personal long medical history to gain perspective and integrate with other providers and utilize data to be truly meaningful.

I cannot keep this contained because I see the EHR working as it should on a daily basis, and working extremely well.

And the solution is in the conduit on how we relate the EHR to the patient.  By visually sharing the EHR on what most of us have, a 24 inch flat screen TV, and a device much cheaper than most of our own desktop computers.

Do I want to package this idea up and sell it for a profit?

I cannot do this because, again maybe out of a sense of naivete the realization of this solution came to me as a gift of fate, as I see it.  And one of those moments involved a morning with my son, when it became crystal clear in an instant.

I have been an internist for 21 years and have grown to love this profession and what I see in my mind’s eye are others benefiting with this solution.  I do not know, but hope this concept can be translated to other EHRs and used in the same way.  What I do know is this approach works very well in a small primary care office with the tools I currently have.

Again, this may be asking a bit much and more than I should, but I do hope the profession can benefit with at least thinking about and discussing this approach.


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