If I am willing to show you will you help me get it right?

This may be it.  Describing the process of using the electronic record as a teaching tool during the office visit with Dr. Oates on a tweet chat I hit a truth that has been elusive and difficult to pin down.  Being limited to 140 characters hones one’s ability to be efficient and forthright with the symbols.

After typing this it suddenly made sense.  “editing/creating is done by pt thru me–powerful medicine”

By viewing their own record in real time at the visit, based on the ebb and flow of the conversation, the patient guides my fingers tapping on the chromebook to modify their own chart.

This is a subtle but huge shift in the paradigm of the doctor patient relationship.  By listening and being directed by the patient we both work on honing their record to be as accurate and representative as possible.  The patient is able to see that this is done right, now.

I think this work flow enhances trust, and improves satisfaction.  For sure from my perspective, and from the feedback from my wonderful patients.

So this type of interaction with a TV and a Chromebook during the office visit can not only change the electronic record into a great teaching tool, but also improve documentation.  In addition and most importantly the electronic record is actually part of improving this gap of distraction, and not a cause of it.


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