#ProjectedEHR can accentuate the positive of an EHR

It suddenly dawned on me, no one is discussing much the attributes or inherent positives of an electronic record, if used in a visual way.

Over the past 8 months using a TV to project the electronic record during the visit, I am repetitively amazed how a combination of sight and listening accentuates the teaching.

Not all electronic records are the same, but the one I use has a marvelous ability to project information and then easy to assimilate.

So there is nothing disruptive, special or genius related with #ProjectedEHR.  All it involves is a $170 dollar TV hooked to another device that replicates the doctor’s desktop, so the electronic record can be accessed and modified.  I prefer the Chromebook because it is durable, easy to carry, and connects behind the firewall using the Intranet using an affordable remote application.

However, with this simple approach one can transform the electronic record into a fabulous teaching medium, as it should be.

I am of the opinion of Jonas Salk developer of the polio vaccine, who said “Could you patent the sun?”  The same could be said of this particular set up.  It may not be the Chromebook, a TV and your particular flavor of an EHR, but please think about the possibilities of sharing the wonderful information that is currently in an electronic record on a large screen during the office visit. I cannot imagine trying to teach, share and learn together without this simple modification in the examination room.


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